200mW-500mW 405nm Violet Diode Laser System

200mW-500mW 405nm Violet Diode Laser System

445nm 10mW-2000mW Blue Diode Laser System

445nm 10mW-2000mW Blue Diode Laser System

442nm 10mW-2000mW Blue Diode Laser System

442nm blue diode laser system gets wide output power level of 10mW to 2000mW, designed with reduced compact dimension, providing high brightness and high beam intensity blue laser beam for all long-term output power stability required fields. 442nm blue diode lasers are getting wide applications for scientific researches by colleges and research facilities, ensuring up 10,000 long operation lifetime and competitive prices.

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442nm blue diode lasers are emitting high stability and high intensity blue laser beam and blue laser spot in laser beam mode of multimode, getting the highest output power of up 2000mW. It is always equipped with FDA safety standard approval AC power supply, equipped with excellent cooling system, always providing high output power stability for long-term blue laser operation.

Direct laser diode emitting 442nm blue diode laser system gets the most competitive price, is widely used for Holography, Fluorescence Sensors, Raman Spectrum, Spectrum analysis, Spectrum Calibration and communications, Chip inspection, laser displaying, laser interference, PIV, laser measurement, and a large variety of other applications etc.

Key features:

Multimode laser beam allows wide output power level from 10mW to 2000mW
Compact structure, small size and high light efficiency
Excellent 442nm blue laser beam with high beam intensity and high power stability
Good linear analogue, workable for wide operation temperature, harsh work fields as well
No environment pollution, low power consumption and low time consumption
Anti-statistic, protection from overheating and over current, enables up 10,000 serving lifetime

Technical data:

Item Blue Diode Laser System
Wavelength 452±5nm
Output power 10mW-2000mW
FDA Safety Class IIIa, IIIb
Transverse mode near TEM00
Longitudinal Modes Multimode
Operation Mode CW
Power Stability(rms, over 4hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
M2 factor <1.1
Beam divergence, full angle (mard) <1
Warm up time (minutes) <2
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) 4mm*4mm
Operating temperuter (℃) -10-40
Modulation Option TTL/Analogue
Analog Modulation Freq. (Hz) 30KHZ(0~max output when 0-5V signal input)
Severing lifetime (hours) up 10,000
Warranty period 1 year

Dimension of 442nm Diode Laser Head (mm)

442nm 10mW-2000mW Blue Diode Laser System head dimension


Berlinlasers accepts customize 442nm point laser, line laser and crosshair laser, fiber coupled lasers and OEM lasers on basis of customers' requirements. All 442nm blue diode lasers specification can be customized according to user's need. For any OEM laser, please feel free to contact us via email support@berlinlasers.com.

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