TEM00 635nm 10mW-200mW Red Diode Laser System

TEM00 635nm 10mW-200mW Red Diode Laser System

5mW-1200mW 640nm Red Diode Laser System

5mW-1200mW 640nm Red Diode Laser System

637nm 1mW-200mW Red Diode Laser System

637nm red diode lasers gets special laser beam transverse mode of TEM00, always ensuring high intensity and high brightness red laser beam and circular emission with wide output power range of 1mW to 200mW. The reduced dimension made red diode laser system employs qualified internal laser diode, TEC cooling system and durable anodized aluminum housing, getting superior features of high output power stability in long term continuous operation, long serving lifetime and competitive price.

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637nm red diode laser system gets the lowest beam divergence of less than 1 mard, integrated with qualified laser diode and thermal emission system into quite compact structure, providing high quality red laser beam and circular light spot when traditional red diode lasers are not workable. The simple AC power supply running mode is very safe, easy and convenient to operate.

This TEM00 beam made designed 637nm red diode lasers are ideal red laser source supplier for high tech application requiring a special wavelength of 637nm. With 1mW to 200mW, it gets high intensity and high brightness red laser source for various high tech applications in those of universities, research facilities, and lab experiments. It is widely used for laser displaying, measurement, spectrum analysis, PIV, biological research etc.

Key features:

Direct diode emission red diode laser with TEC cooling system, enables high stability and high reliability.
High duration anodized aluminum housing, workable for various working environment, harsh occasions workable
Simple AC power supply running mode, easy and convenient to operate
TTL and analog modulation selectable
FDA safety standard approval Class II, IIIa, IIIb laser
Adjustable output power via current adjusting button

Technical data:

Item Red Diode Laser System
Wavelength 637±5nm
Output power 1mW, 5mW, 10mW,20mW,50mW,100mW,150mW,200mW
Power adjust(mW) 0-Pmax
Transverse mode TEM00
Operation Mode CW
Power Stability(rms, over 4hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence, full angle (mard) <1
Warm up time (minutes) <5
Beam waist diameter(mm) <2
Spectral line width (nm) <2
Point stability after warm-up(mrad) <0.05
Polarization 50:1 
TTL modulation 30KHZ
Analog modulation 30KHZ (0~max output when 0-5V signal input)
Operating temperuter (℃) -10-40
Storage temperature (℃) -10-50
Modulation Option 0~30khz TTL/Analogue
Severing lifetime (hours) 10,000
Warranty period 1 year

Dimension of TEM00 637nm Red Diode Laser System:

Dimension of TEM00 637nm Red Diode Laser System


Berlinlasers accepts customize 637nm point laser, line laser and crosshair laser, fiber coupled lasers and OEM lasers on basis of customers' requirements. All high power 637nm red diode lasers specifications accept customize according to user's need. For any OEM laser, please feel free to contact us via email support@berlinlasers.com.

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