650nm Red Parallel Line Laser Module

650nm Red Parallel Line Laser Module

650nm Red Laser Line Generator

650nm Red Laser Line Generator

650nm Red Parallel Line Laser Alignment

When complex laser beam pattern is generated from glass coated lens, 650nm red parallel line laser alignment just fulfills the most competitive price and stable parallel line laser source projection for all high tech and industrial laser use fields efficiently. The direct parallel line alignment from 650nm red laser diode keeps high stability, fulfilling clear and effective parallel laser alignment in those of prominent university, institute and scientific research etc.

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650nm red parallel line laser alignment integrates import 650nm red laser diode, qualified glass cylindrical lens, APC driving circuit and metal heat sink into quite durable and compact structure red laser module tube, providing the most reliable and high laser beam transmittance red parallel line pattern laser beam for all industrial laser use fields. 650nm red parallel laser module gets direct laser beam emission from mature 650nm red laser diode, enables the most stable performance and the lowest production cost for all parallel line alignment operations effectively.

Key Features:
● Efficient thermal conductivity assures stable parallel line alignment more than 8 hours. 650nm red parallel line laser alignment adopts durable metal housing, copper material 650nm red laser diode and metal heat sink cooking system, enables high efficiency thermal emitting and superior reliable parallel line alignment under mechanical shocking or calibration.
● APC, ACC driving circuit makes perfect control of laser tube temperature. Within wide output power range of 5mW to 100mW (as high as 1000mW), red parallel laser module keeps constant electric current and output power supply, less possibility of laser module burning out or damage, constant parallel line alignment stably.
Multiple laser tube dimensions of 12mm*75mm, 16mm*75mm and 38mm*160mm enables free selection of output power, ensuring highly bright and visible parallel line alignment results.
Improving parallel line alignment accuracy and laser beam visibility from its adjustable focus design of laser beam aperture and high photoelectric transmittance from its qualified glass cylindrical lens.

Technical data:

Item Red Parallel Line Laser Alignment
Wavelength 650nm
Output power 5mW-100mW (up 1000mW also available)
Laser safety class IIIa, IIIb
Fan angle 0.02mrad
Beam diameter at aperture 8mm, 20mm
Laser dimension 12mm*75mm, 16mm*75mm, 38mm*160mm
Laser Power Supply DC5 V, DC12V, DC24, AC90-220V
Serving lifetime up 8,000 hours
Warranty Period 180 Days

Packing List:
1. 650 red parallel line laser alignment
2. DC input power supply

Mature laser diode tech applied 650nm red parallel line laser alignment gets wide applications in long distance tunnel through positioning, bridge cranes, paper mills, roller and web handling systems, steel mill, aligning tracks and guide rails, material processing and driving system etc.
650nm red parallel line laser module is also being used as a monochromatic light source, available with high degree of parallelism for industrial version and other industrial automation perspective, teaching, lab experiment etc. For high power and OEM red parallel line lasers, please contact us via email support@berlinlasers.com.

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