690nm Multimode Laser Diode

690nm Multimode Laser Diode

808nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

808nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

785nm Multimode Laser Diode

Product name: 785nm, C-mount package
Laser Diode output power: 1000mW, 1500mW, 2000mW
Application: laser pointer, general purpose red laser light source, high precision measurement, laser module, diode laser equipment, medical instrument, aerospace applications
Wavelength: 785±5nm

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High powered 785nm laser mode allows high power and extremely intense laser radiation in all industries. Available in C-mount package, this 785nm multimode laser diode provides the most convenient application in CW diode lasers with the most reliable and stable performance.

Featured characteristics:
Multimode 785nm laser diode
High output power, high brightness and high beam intensity laser radiation
Super narrow line width of only 785±5nm
Low beam divergence and small laser light emitting aperture
Reliable and stable performance

Standard technical parameters of 785nm multimode infrared laser diode:

Item Symbol MM LD-785-1000 MM LD-785-1000 MM LD-785-700 MM LD-785-1000
CW Output Power P 1000mW 1000mW 700mW 1000mW
Peak Wavelength λp 785±5nm 785±5nm 785±10nm 785±10nm
Spectrum FWHM 0.2 2nm 2nm 2nm 2nm
Threshold Current Ith ≤0.4A ≤0.4A ≤0.4A ≤0.4A
Operating Current Iop ≤1.5A ≤1.4A ≤1.8A ≤2.1A
Slope Efficiency η ≥1.2W/A ≥1.2W/A ≥1.2W/A ≥1.2W/A
Operating Voltage Vop ≤1.9V ≤1.9V ≤1.9V ≤1.9V
Horizontal Beam Divergence θ∥ ≤8 deg ≤8 deg ≤8 deg ≤8 deg
Vertical Beam Divergence θ⊥ ≤25 deg ≤25 deg ≤25 deg ≤25 deg
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient   0.28nm/℃ 0.28nm/℃ 0.28nm/℃ 0.28nm/℃
Polarization   TE TE TE TE
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~80℃ -40~80℃ -40~80℃ -40~80℃
Operating Temperature Tc -20~30℃ -20~50℃ -20~50℃ -20~50℃
Package     C-mount C-mount C-mount

C-mount package 785nm MM(multimode) laser diode draw:

C-mount package 785nm MM laser diode

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