808nm Infrared Laser Safety Goggles

808nm Infrared Laser Safety Goggles

808nm Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser

808nm Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Handpiece

808nm laser hair removal handpiece gets the most efficient laser hair removal treatment for dark color skins. The 808nm diode laser system produces high intensity thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells of hair follicular, inhibiting future hair regrowth by the follicle and ensuring follicular destruction efficient.

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Available with high power of 300W, 420W, 600W, the core part of 808nm diode laser hair removal handpiece gets featured advantages of excellent and comfortable hair removal, high performance, and long serving lifetime. The optional pulse duration of 5 to 400ms of 808nm diode laser system produce intense thermal energy, ensuring perfect follicular destruction efficiently.

Key features of 808nm infrared diode laser hair removal handpiece:

● Compact and durable structure made laser hair removal handpeice, workable on multiple diode laser hair removal systems platform and operating systems.
● US import chip and Germany micro channel laser assure stable IR laser light emitting, and long serving lifetime.
● Multiple output power of 300W, 420W and 600W of diode laser hair removal handpiece fulfills various IR beam intensity requirements from different users.
● Dedicated sapphire contact cooling system cools skin temperature to -10 ℃ ~ 0 ℃, avoid skin damage.
● The best 808nm wavelength is at least absorbed by water and hemoglobin, while peak melanin absorption.
● 808nm diode laser hair removal handpiece adopts rolling oppressive treatment, crushes vessels carrying oxygenated hemoglobin, removes oxyhemoglobin, and reduces competitive absorption of hemoglobin and melanin. 808nm infrared laser beam can deep into laser hair follicles so as to produce more energy applied to hair follicles melanin and achieve safe laser hair removal result.
● Continuous 808nm infrared diode laser system with continuously adjustable pulse width, on-off mode under long pulse enables extremely high serving lifetime.
● Large square spot accelerates laser hair removal speed, allowing high efficiency and high speech and large scale hair removal on skins, and eliminating the overlapping area of traditional laser therapy circular spot formed.

Technical data:

Item Handpiece 808-300-A Handpiece 808-420-B Handpiece 808-600-C
Light Source Diode(CW)
Laser type AlGaAs
Fluence ≥80J/c㎡ ≥120J/c㎡ ≥120J/c㎡
Light Source Chanel Type Micro Chanel cooler
Pulse Duration(ms) 10-400 10-400 5-400
CenterWavelength (nm) 808nm
Spote Size(c㎡) 10×10
Output Power(w) 300 420 600
Repetition Rate

≥10Hz SHR/MP mode
≥3Hz Pulsed /TP mode

Number of Bars 5Bars 7Bars 7Bars
Operating Current 65A 65A 90A
Cooling Dualchill Contact cooling
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