405nm blue violet laser pointer also gets the name of violet laser pointer. The first clarify should be that blue violet laser is not an argon laser, majority people have been misled blue violet laser is the same as a decade ago argon laser. However, in fact, blue violet laser and argon laser are completely different laser tech.

Argon laser is an early gas laser, bulky, and requires enormous energy to excite the argon gas to produce blue laser. Argon laser lifetime is short, high expense. Early drum scanner is using argon laser. 405nm blue violet laser is the used of the latest laser diode, solid-state type of violet laser. It gets low energy consumption, long and stable serving lifetime. Blue violet laser is not expired laser tech, but is the latest technology.

1. Advantage of blue violet laser:

● High resolution
Short wavelength of 405nm generates small laser spot, thus blue violet laser can provide high resolution, also represents a higher print quality output power resolution up to 250I/inch.

● Compact design and high speed
Shorter 405nm wavelength blue violet laser generates smaller size of laser spot, thus reduces volume of reflective lens of laser head. More compact designed gets higher speed.

● Bright yellow safelight is workable
The use of 405nm blue violet laser light corresponding to the light sensitive material, it can be in bright yellow safety lamp operation, near the bright room operation, increase ease of use.

● Reliable performance
405nm blue violet laser light source is stable, strong and intense laser spot.

● Easy maintenance, rapid replacement
405nm blue violet laser diode is compact, high degree of modularity. It is very easy and simple for maintenance and replacement, can reduce maintenance hours, and improve efficient production hours.

2. Long and reliable serving lifetime

405nm blue violet laser composes of direct blue violet laser diode beam emission. The energy consumption is extremely small. Blue violet laser is not bright when not work (boot state without exposure). It works only exposure, thus can greatly improve the exact serving lifetime of inner 405nm blue violet laser diode. 405nm blue violet laser gets long serving lifetime of up 8,000 hours.