Alignment laser applications might be contained in any corner of industrial and high tech work fields for easy and convenient dot, line, cross line and parallel line instruction and alignment rapidly. Manufactured from the most original visible and invisible IR laser diodes and qualified lens, alignment laser gets the most economic production cost, widely acceptable in modern time mechanical processing work fields greatly.

Visual laser light generating from alignment laser can be converted into laser dot, laser line, cross line or parallel according to the installation of different laser lens, such as qualified glass cylindrical lens, separate crystal lens, Powell lens. Multiple lens selection and laser lens degree has just assured the most accurate alignment and collimation in various alignment laser application fields.

Dot (spot)
For laser marking, laser engraving, drilling, or garment button positioning, a clearly visible laser dot might be greatly helpful. Alignment laser dot can assure continuous and accurate dot positioning on all raw materials for your drilling, marking or others. Different wavelength and output power forms into different laser dot brightness and dot diameter at different work distance.

Alignment laser line gets many preferable applications in textile alignment, laser cutting machine, laser car wheel alignment, image processing system, sand mill, sawing timber. The output laser line keeps high linear quality from internal glass cylindrical lens or Powell lens. Within wide range laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, visible and invisible IR laser lines enable clearest line aligning for all line positioning and line cutting works efficiently.
Laser line generator gets the best line targeting distance at 3 meters, while laser line keeps straight, fine. Under 8 hours continuous line targeting operation, it still keeps high beam stability, no light decay or blur.

Cross line (crosshair)
Visual cross line source from alignment laser is getting from internal configured glass cylindrical lens. It is quite complex laser light in type of two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees. Available with 10, 15, and 110 degree glass lens, alignment laser cross achieves different size, enables great alignment laser applications for textile alignment such as laser alignment for screen printing, heat transfer machine, laser medical treatment for CT, CB, nuclear magnetic resonance cross positioning, military targeting, laser car wheel alignment etc.

Besides formal dot, line, cross line laser alignments, it is also acceptable to customize complex aligning patterns on basis of users. Users can try to contact us free via email