In need of much more stable performance dot alignment on desired working surfaces? Some of factory workers and engineers would prefer to choose simple battery power laser modules. However, in process of continuous dot, line, cross or other complex pattern alignment work fields, it is required to make continuous alignment on desired working surfaces. In any type of industrial precise device manufacturing work, battery power is just substituted by external electric power source of DC input power supply. This DC power source laser module is obtain continuous measurement under multiple working environments efficiently.

Traditional battery power source would have to be changed during the process of continuous work. Besides extra time spending on battery power changing, it is also not able to assure superior nice thermal emitting in continuous use. Laser tech engineer has just made great technical innovation on electric power source. According to the use of DC power source, laser modules accept wide range electric current within 100V to 250V, which is applied for majority of countries and regions on the earth. It is used easily and conveniently. When laser modules are equipped with correct output power and operating voltage DC power source, they will maintain stable and visible dot, line or cross line alignment constantly.

In current industrial and high tech aligning work fields, battery power laser modules is far more enough to support long term continuous work, but only able to be used temporarily. However, under adoption of DC power laser modules, only if it is operated within 8 to 10 hours per day, after enough time leaving for laser tube cooling down, they will maintain excellent laser light cycling use and highly stable performance in proper use. It is no need to design laser modules with quite larger size tube diameter. Including those of formal output power and high power made laser modules, they are designed with 16mm, 26mm and other square shape tube diameters.

In any type of industrial aligning work, either DC power or battery power laser modules are operated as an accessory part. However, in order to get quite convenient measurement on multiple raw material surface, there is more excuse for users to select DC power laser device. The electric wire extensions for both laser module and DC power source allows easy installation and adjustment. Within freely installed distance of 0.3 meter to 3 meters, it is getting convenient installation and adjustment until achieving quick and accurate measurement constantly.