Blue laser module gets the special adoption of 445nm blue laser diode as its laser beam emitting source. It generates less brighter laser light than 473nm blue DPSS laser made laser device, however, the direct blue laser diode emission laser device just assures its highly stable and reliable performance and quite competitive production cost. This blue laser module is quite charming and attractive laser beam emitting laser source, which is not only workable for formal presentation uses, but also gets special applications in laser displaying, laser medical treatment, laser decoration, communication, and military targeting etc.

Employed by import 445nm blue laser diode, although not as visible as 473nm blue DPSS laser, however, this blue laser module is just designed with the highest production level. It is not simply used for temporary presentation work, but getting wide applications in various industrial measuring and alignment works. When blue laser module begins from high output power of 50mW to 100mW, laser tech engineer has just paid high attention to its industrial stabilization.

Blue laser module always adopts quite compact structure design with tube diameter of only 26mm. However, it just makes perfect combination of thermal control system, electric driving circuit. The adoption of metal heat sink cooling system makes sure of the best thermal stabilization of internal laser module tube. When this blue laser module gets high output power emitting, it still keeps stable laser dot, line or cross line projection efficiently. Together with silicon gum filling with laser module tube, this 445nm blue laser module just gets dual thermal control, assuring the most stable and intense blue laser light emission in long term continuous work.

Comparing with a formal blue laser pointer, blue laser module adopts direct electric power source providing from external configured DC input power supply. After very simple selection of 4.2V operating voltage power source, it gets super bright and charming blue laser light positioning. On considering of its high output power, there are a series of strict tests so as to assure its high beam stability.

Besides basic 24 hours aging preventing test, blue laser module also passes through strict high power low storage temperature test and the dual direction thermal control design, it gets super wide range operating temperature stabilization. Within environmental temperature of -15 to 45 ℃, blue laser module is not only workable continuously, but also keeping none laser beam dim or decay. For the most important of all, under formal laser measuring rules, this blue laser module is just getting extremely long serving lifetime as long as 8000 hours.