It is a very special experience to make line alignment under night version illumination work fields, while IR line laser has just got the most wonderful line positioning result as expected. This infrared laser line is generating invisible IR laser beam from 808nm and 980nm wavelength infrared laser diodes, getting extremely intense and powerful IR laser light, finally getting clear and accurate enough IR line positioning efficiently.

IR line laser is getting longer wavelength than formal red laser, human eyes cannot capture any powerful IR laser light during real line aligning work. It gets the assistance of night vision system from CCD camera, black and white camera or night observing device, forming into a highly accurate infrared laser line on targeting surfaces. Infrared laser module is being used as an accessory part, but not workable separately. The real IR laser line is workable for accurate line positioning in military targeting, telescope observation, hunting, and laser medical treatment works etc.

Under night vision line positioning work, IR line laser gets wide range output power of 5mW to 500mW, while it is workable for extremely long distance. If there is no special requirement of line targeting distance, infrared line laser is designed with customized focus distance at 10cm. The focusable beam distance is also acceptable customizing on basis of requirement of users.

When IR line laser gets much longer distance line alignment more than 100 meters, it can be selected with even higher output power up 200mW to 500mW. The real line alignment from IR line laser keeps extremely high photoelectric transmittance, thus high power infrared laser module can achieve even longer distance line positioning result as long as 100 meters to 1000 meters.
Besides intense infrared laser beam is generating at quite longer distance, IR line laser might also generates extremely powerful thermal energy in constant infrared laser line alignment operation. Any power made infrared laser line exists serious and potential hazards to eyes, thus users should always pay high attention to powerful IR laser light and avoid direct eye explosion to IR laser light during continuous infrared alignment laser line targeting.

Anytime IR line laser is applied for night vision line alignment, different output power and laser lens degree made infrared laser module might be adopted to produce precise enough infrared laser line positioning as expected. It is a key point for users to get secured eye protection from a pair of laser safety goggles. When infrared laser alignment is easily installed and adjusted of line targeting direction, it gets the most secured line positioning result precisely.