Early laser pointer only uses 633nm helium-neon (HeNe) gas laser, typically for generating power of not exceeding 1mW laser beam. The cheapest laser pointer uses near 670nm/650nm dark red laser diode. Slightly more expensive laser pointer uses 635nm red laser diode, with near orange red color laser light. 635nm wavelength is much more easily recognized by human eyes. At the same time, there are other colors of laser pointers, the most common is the wavelength of 532nm green laser pointer.

However, the development and innovation of laser tech has never stopped. Laser tech engineers have also developed 593nm yellow laser pointers, 473nm blue DPSS laser, 405nm blue violet laser pointer, and finished laser diode made 460nm blue laser pointers.

Features of red, blue, violet and green laser pointers:

The irradiated spot of laser pointer is not only dependent on the output power and apparent brightness of laser light reflected from the surface, but also on the human eyes color version. For example, human eyes are most sensitive to the visible spectrum wavelength of 520nm- 570nm, less sensitive to red and blue laser wavelength. As a result, 532nm green laser light appears bright than other color lasers with the same output power.

In recent years, it is reported many times when someone try to point laser pointer at airplane, pilot, athlete on play ground etc. Besides these impolite behaviors, it might also bring quite serious result. As a result, many countries and regions have made especially strict restriction of operation of laser pointer only 1mW and 5mW allowed. Only Class II and Class IIIa laser pointers are allowed to be used. In addition, laser users should also know clearly about potential danger of laser pointers. Polite and safe operation of laser pointer is always very important for every one of laser holders.

Green Laser Pointer

In astronomy research, laser amateurs or astronomers might use Class IIIa 532nm 5mW green laser pointer to make stargazing. This type of laser pointer is widely used by primary astronomy lovers to point stars, constellations and other celestial objects. Green laser beam is only visible in quite dark operating environment. Astronomy observers have no need to choose even high powered lasers.

Blue Laser Pointer

Blue laser pointer is originally produced by 473nm DPSS blue laser, it is very expensive and not stable. With the development of CASIO including 445nm blue laser diode made hybrid light source of high brightness projectors, very high powered 445nm portable lasers are being developed and wide spread.

Laser tech engineer has also developed 450nm blue laser diode manufactured blue laser pointer. It is available with output power of 1mW and 5mW. The projecting blue laser beam is very pure and a bit near of blue violet color.

Blue violet laser pointer

Produced by 405nm blue violet laser diode, blue violet laser pointer is a semiconductor laser, close to the ultraviolet light. It is low visibility, but can stimulate fluorescence. It is workable for paper money test and the chemical action inspection.