Besides the creation of 532nm green DPSS laser, laser tech engineer has also developed the greatest 473nm blue DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) laser system. On basis of special laser beam transverse mode of TEM00, this advanced 473nm blue DPSS laser always keeps high purity, high brightness and high intensity laser beam emitting. It is widely used in laser biomedicine, color laser light display, laser high intensity data storage, laser spectroscopy, laser printing, laser underwater imaging and communication and other fields etc.

473nm blue DPSS laser is an advanced type of coherent laser source, which gets superior advantages of compact structure, long serving lifetime, high efficiency and reliable operation, and a series of advantages. Owing to its special blue laser light emission, this blue laser also gets special applications in many other occasions cannot be applied. This special 473nm blue solid state laser is mainly workable for blue laser light excitation, high intensity optical storage, color laser show, Raman Spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, biotechnology, DNA sequencing, ocean water color, and marine resource exploration and so on.

Applications of 473nm Blue DPSS lasers:

Color laser display
High brightness blue DPSS laser system can work together with mature developed red laser diode, full curing cavity frequency doubling green laser, workable as a full color display solid standard three color light source. This new color laser source is featured by low power consumption, long lifetime, high beam quality of laser light source, higher efficiency than fluorescent light sources, which is also more faithful to the natural light. It is able to eliminate the incandescent light source of yellow shadow, and light generated by fluorescence of green shadow, thus achieve three primary balance.

High intensity storage
780nm laser diode might be used as a formal light source for storage, which 473nm blue DPSS laser system gets advantages of shorter wavelength, smaller light spot size. On basis of storage medium is even more sensitivity to short wavelength laser, using new coding technology, storage density can be greatly improved. Blue lasers are extremely important for digital information storage, including audio, video, TV, photos and other applications.

Digital video technology
473nm blue DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) laser system is getting the most important applications in digital video laser light source in the fields of CD-ROM, CD, DVD etc.