There are wide choices of blue lasers for laser amateurs and researchers. Besides formal application for entertainment and simple presentation, blue laser pointer is even more workable for high tech working fields. For instance, 450nm blue laser pointer can be used to make presentation in high definition blue ray players, laser show, environmental monitoring, electronic equipment, medical diagnostics, laser activated paint etc.

Before the creation of 450nm blue laser pointer, users can only choose high expense 473nm blue DPSS laser. In addition, it is not realistic to obtain 473nm blue laser with extremely high output power. However, the creation of 450nm blue laser pointer has just overcome all problems. It cannot only be available with higher output power, but also available with quite affordable prices. Even though users are in need of a high powered blue laser as burning laser for various burning experiment, 445nm blue lasers in portable and handheld type manufactured have just solved the problem perfectly.

450nm blue laser pointer is a genuine power and quality laser on the earth, it should be the best blue laser in pen style design. Not the same 473nm blue laser, this 450nm blue laser is just also generating highly bright and pure blue laser beam directly from 450nm blue laser diode. This direct emission laser pointer is able to maintain highly stable and reliable blue laser beam emission in continuous pointing work. In order to make sure the best working condition, the maximum continuous pointing time of this blue laser pointer pen should not exceed 30 minutes.

When blue laser pointer is pointed at many white objects, such as white wall, paper or white cloths, the laser dot might change light color from blue violet to blue. This curious appearance is just caused by fluorescence from brightening dyes. On condition that users are in need of a true blue laser, this 450nm blue laser is just the correct choice for display applications.

From the very beginning of the appearance of 450nm blue laser pointer on the market, it has got a large group of fans and honest owners. It is considered as the best blue laser pointer owing to its affordable price and stable performance. This special laser pointer is projecting brighter and visible laser beam than 405nm laser diodes, usually longer wavelength laser is closer to the peak sensitivity of human eyes. When users are making selection of the best blue laser pointer with genuine output power and quality, it will make the purest blue beam irradiation perfectly.