405nm 50mw 80mw 100mw Violet Cross Line Laser Module

405nm Violet Cross Line Laser Module

200mW-500mW 405nm Violet Diode Laser System

200mW-500mW 405nm Violet Diode Laser System

TEM00 Mode 405nm Violet Diode Laser System

Violet diode laser system gets charming crystal violet laser beam in TEM00 at short wavelength of 405nm, providing ideal violet laser source with output power range of 10mW to 200mW with high level of laser beam stability and qualified circular violet laser beam for long-term output power emitting. 405nm violet diode lasers are wide used in accurate measurement, medicine development, spectrum analysis, and communication, etc

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The featured TEM00 beam mode designed 405nm violet diode laser system is available with ultra compact dimension, long serving lifetime, easy and convenient operation, and high beam stability. Combined with multiple operation mode, 405nm violet diode lasers fulfill multiple application in tasks of where short wavelength 405nm laser beam is in need.

405nm violet diode lasers get wide application in scientific and lab experiment applications, involving biological, medical treatment, fluorescence excitation, spectrum analysis, confocal microscopy, gene sequencing, medicine development, cell research and others. The equipped driver is complete FDA approval. This short wavelength 405nm violet laser is currently used by a lot of scientific facilities, lab, and prominent universities.

Key features:

Wide output power range level: 10mW-200mW, high level of beam stability, low noise
TEM00 laser beam mode gets qualified circular laser beam
Excellent linear analogue
Protection from statistic electricity, over current and overheating
Up 10,000 hours serving lifetime, workable under harsh working environment

Technical data:

Item Violet Diode Laser System
Wavelength 405±5nm
Output power 10mW, 20mW, 50mW, 100mW, 200mW
Transverse mode TEM00
Operation Mode CW
Power Stability(rms, over 4hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
M2 factor <1.1
Beam divergence, full angle (mard) <1.2
Warm up time (minutes) <5
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) <3
Operating temperuter (℃) 0-40
Modulation Option TTL/Analogue
Severing lifetime (hours) TTL/Analogue
Warranty period 1 year


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