Until laser tech engineers are paying high attention to applicable use of 635nm red laser diode, it is just a realistic chance for users to get the use of 635nm separate crystal lens red laser line generator. It is a quite nice laser line alignment tool, when red laser module is keeping uniform distribution red laser beam emission, the desired red reference line is just keeping up 80% uniformity. Anytime users are in serious need of the highest level of accuracy line alignment, this 635nm red laser module is just the first choice to do so.

On basis of the good use of 635nm red laser diode with import laser tech, when it is made into a real red laser line generator, it is not only keeping high purity and superior bright red laser beam and red laser line targeting, but also getting at least 5 times brighter laser light than the same output power made 650nm red laser diode. Although this 635nm red laser module is getting a bit higher price than formally used 650nm red laser device, however, this laser line alignment is able to get even better laser line thickness, thus getting more and more use in modern time industrial machinery processing works.

Not the same as other formally used laser diode made laser line alignment tool, this 635nm separate crystal lens red laser line generator is available with TEM00 beam mode, generating even better quality red laser line with super high linear quality and strong laser light transmittance. It is just a quite important issue for this 635nm red laser module to get a non laser light decay appearance, thus making sure of clear and accurate enough line alignment under long distance and long term continuous line alignment work.

Owing to the employment of separate crystal lens, no matter what kind of targeting surface, red laser line generator is always keeping the same line brightness from its line middle part towards both ends. Users has no need to worry about laser line alignment accuracy only if this red laser module is getting proper selection of output power and separate crystal lens degree. Under condition that the real line alignment is controlled within the maximum work distance of 25 meters, after proper adjustment of red laser line thickness and line targeting direction, this red laser module can easily gets high efficiency line alignment all the time.