The employment of separate crystal lens has just made 650nm red laser line generator obtain super high uniformity distribution laser beam during the processing of laser line alignment work, thus the desired red laser line is always keeping super high beam uniformity up 80%. It is getting a bit higher production cost than formerly used glass coated lens, however, this type of Non Gaussian distribution red laser module provides the highest level of accuracy line alignment for various industrial precise machinery processing and other high tech line alignment use etc.

When red laser beam is generating from qualified separate crystal lens, 650nm red laser line generator is just getting the same brightness red line from its middle part towards both ends. Red laser beam targeting keeps high laser beam transmittance, also keeping no light decay and high fineness line targeting as expected. In addition, when this 650nm red laser module gets special design of glass window in front of laser beam aperture, the real red line alignment work has no appearance of laser dim or blur under various moisture working occasions.

According to the selection of wide range optic lens degree from 10 degree to 93 degree, this 650nm separate crystal lens red laser line generator projects different line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters. This highly uniform red line keeps bright and visible. Owing to its employment of long development history and import 650nm red laser diode, this laser line alignment is keeping reliable line targeting, but also available with the lowest production cost.

After simple installation of red laser line generator, it can make immediate line targeting with various industrial devices. It gets different laser beam fan angle and different length red line in distance. According to cautious measurement of line length, line thickness and work distance from laser beam aperture to real targeting surface, 650nm red laser module gets the easiest selection of output power and optic lens degree, easily getting a no mistake line alignment on different working surfaces.

The whole process of line alignment with red laser line generator is not seriously limited by work distance, height and any other working environments. Noncontact red line takes less than one second time to achieve any working surface. In addition, when users are using this 650nm red laser module for industrial precise device manufacturing work, it is very important issue to select a pair of laser safety goggles and obey basic laser safety measures so as to get no mistake and no danger line alignment easily.