808nm infrared line laser module gets the most superior advantages of high luminous efficiency and strong luminous intensity. It can get extremely high photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 80%. Comparing with visible lasers with same output power range, 808nm infrared laser always gets lower energy consumption an even longer infrared illumination distance. Within wide output power level of 5mW to 400mW, this infrared laser line generator can easily reach 100 meter to 1000 meters line illumination work distances.

The same as visible lasers, 808nm infrared line laser module gets high intensity infrared line source from 808nm infrared laser diode directly, thus the desired line emission always keeps high stability and high reliability in long term continuous operation. Owing to its high intensity IR laser beam emission, it can fulfill high efficiency infrared line generation, thus realize high efficiency line targeting at long distance. At the same time, this 808nm infrared line laser is widely used for night vision IR line positioning, infrared lighting, military equipment and instrumentation, laser rangefinder, laser medical device, laser printing, and infrared laser positioning devices etc.

In various night vision infrared laser lighting illumination works, 808nm infrared line laser module is equipped with qualified import 808nm infrared laser diode and glass cylindrical lens. Owing to its invisible infrared laser beam emission to human eyes, this 808nm infrared line laser cannot be used separately, but always using together with night vision illumination machine or device.

In various infrared line positioning works, 808nm infrared line laser module is using together with infrared cameras, monochrome CCD or night vision system for night line generation works. Within a wide output power range configuration, this laser line generator is workable for all weather conditions, together with surveillance camera, projecting a high beam intensity infrared laser line at quite long work distances. Besides formal configured infrared line laser, 808nm infrared laser module also accepts customize manufacturing, thus always making sure of high precision infrared line positioning efficiently.

When 808nm infrared line laser module is used in various night vision line positioning works, it is always equipped with high quality 808nm infrared laser diode and qualified high performance APC electric driving circuit board. Within wide output power level selected, infrared line laser always gets constant output power supplying for its 808nm infrared laser diode, thus infrared laser line generation keeps high stability in all high tech work fields.

Caution with 808nm infrared laser module:
Infrared laser operation is no kidding for users, but users should pay high attention to laser safety measures. Any output power IR laser is operated, users should wear 808nm infrared laser safety goggles in order to get high security IR laser radiation protection in all occasions efficiently.

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