Cross line laser always gets superior performance than any other type of manual cross line drawing or mechanical cross line positioning operations. This type of laser module is always designed with quite compact structure in diameter of 16mm and 26mm laser tubes, which is always getting convenient and easy cross line alignment in various mechanical processing and industrial inspection works accurately.

The manufacturing of cross line laser is much more complex than formal dot projecting laser pointer or laser diode module. The adoption of glass crystal lens gets quite two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degree, which is always available with much higher production cost as well. The adoption of glass cylindrical lens is not only assuring high laser beam transmittance, but also enables cross line laser getting wide laser lens degree of 10, 15, and 110 degree so as to get different size cross line laser sources efficiently.

Cross line laser adopts direct electric power supply from external DC input power supply. Its operation takes full consideration of thermal stabilization system. When it begins to work, it generates clearly visible and bright two perpendicular lines immediately. Users operating cross line laser not only have the need to spend extra time on prior positioning, but also saving a lot of time and power consumption on various mechanical processing works.

The application of cross line laser can greatly reduce relying on labor force strength and professional skills. It is just a very easy operating cross line measuring tool, which should only be used by skilled person. It is very cautiously designed with electric wires connecting both cross line laser module and DC power supply. It gets free installation within 0.5 meter to 3 meters, which can be easily installed on any industrial device. This cross line laser always gets super wonderful cross line alignment in laser alignment for screen printing, laser medical treatment, military targeting and heat transfer machine etc.

Within wide range wavelength including both visible and invisible infrared cross line lasers, users only need to choose proper wavelength so as to get required cross line alignment result precisely. At the same time, laser users should also choose correct output power and glass lens degree. When users are making cross laser alignment on quite hard reaching work places, however, users only need to install cross line laser on any required machine or device, no matter vertical or horizontal working surface, cross line laser source just shows the most satisfied instruction result as expected.