How do you like to do to get a clear and quick line alignment in distance? It should be a quite puzzled work for users until getting a quite nice line aligning tool as expected. However, in order to make real line alignment much easier or more convenient, laser tech applied laser line device is just becoming quite popular choice for modern machinery processing works. The creation of green laser line generator module is getting great technical innovation on basis of formally used 532nm green DPSS laser tech, which is just making sure of highly straight and clearly visible green reference line targeting on various working surfaces.

Whenever green laser line generator module is getting easy connect with a DC input power supply, it gets constant electric power source, and then obtain constant green reference line on required working surface. It is not a hard job to operate this laser line alignment tool, which is not the same as a formally used laser pointer. Anyway, the real line aligning work has no need to worry about power off. Without time spending on battery change, the external DC power source also saves a lot of space for green laser module so as to obtain even better thermal emitting in long term line aligning use.

The design of aluminum alloy housing material green laser line generator module also passes through serous surface oxygenized and varnish surface treatment, in process of line alignment under harsh working occasion, it is still able to keep easy and stable line aligning work under strong interference or strong static. Anytime this line laser alignment tool is compactly designed with 16mm or 26mm diameter tube diameter, it is easily carried and installed on any other industrial machine or device.

Without barrier of work distance, height, corner or other hard reaching workplaces, when green laser line generator module is getting correct selection of output power and optic lens degree, it is just easily making no mistake and high speed line alignment on all targeting surfaces. This is a very professional laser line measuring tool, when it is used in precise device manufacturing works, this green laser module is only allowing operation by skilled users or professionals. Only if users are avoiding eye exposure at quite close distance, it gets wide range use in multiple work fields efficiently.