Diode laser (semiconductor laser) is a type of laser system making use of semiconductor raw material, due to difference in matter structure, producing quite special laser beam in different wavelengths. It is featured by compact structure, light weight, high electro optical conversion efficiency, direct modulation and easy to use etc. In large variety of scientific work fields, it gets wide applications in laser communication, printing plate, optical information processing etc.

Light through the resonator mode selection function and gain medium amplification, through shocking and amplification, realizing good monochromatic, collimation, good coherence beam, it is just the laser. There are many types of diode laser systems, getting necessary part of the cavity, gain medium, and pump source.

Applications of Diode lasers:

1. Applied for military fields
Diode lasers gets wide output power and laser wavelength range, including UR laser, visible lasers, near, middle and far infrared lasers. In military targeting fields, diode lasers is applicable for laser guided tracking, laser rader, laser fuze, laser ranging, laser communication power source, analog laser weapons, laser aiming warning, laser communications, and laser gyroscope. In current military work fields, majority of countries and regions attach great importance to the development and applications of high power semiconductor lasers in military.

2. Diode lasers applied for fiber communication system
Diode laser (semiconductor laser) as a light source and indicator of fiber optical communication, and the planar process composes of LSI optoelectronic system. It gets featured advantages of ultra small, high efficiency and excellent high speed work, so the development of such laser devices outset and light ICT closely together. It is playing an important part in optical information communication, optical storage, optical disaster combined optical computer peripherals and other aspects. The creation of semiconductor laser greatly promotes the development of information photonics technology.

3. Laser source applying for printing and medical fields
For instance, CD player, DVD system and high density optical storage in visible light source emitting laser discs, printers, monitors all have very important applications. Especially red, green and blue surface emitting laser is more widely used. Blue and green diode lasers (semiconductor lasers) are used in underwater communications, laser printing, high density information literacy, deepwater exploration, laser screen color display and high definition color TV.

4. Wide application in optoelectronics
For instance, ultra high density optical storage, near infrared optical scheme is considered as an important means of achieving a high density optical storage. Vertical cavity surface emitting laser can also be used in full color flat panel display, a large area of emission, laser lighting display, light signals, decorate light, ultraviolet photolithography, laser processing and medical care etc.