20mW Fiber Optic Visual Fault Detector

20mW Fiber Optic Detector

20mW Fiber Optic Visual Fault Detector noncontact

20mW Fiber Optic Detector Noncontact

10mW Fiber Optic Detector Noncontact

The advance designed noncontact 10mW fiber optic detector allows rapid and accurate breaks, bends and end to end identification of fiber optics through 650nm red laser source. This 650nm red fiber optic detector provides scientific detection for onsite fiber constructors, CCAV, electric communication etc.

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10mW fiber optic detector provides accurate detector of fiber optic breaks, bends in 3 kilometers. The adoption of 650nm red laser source is regarded as the most scientific design of this fiber visual fault location since single mold fiber optic is designed for transferring laser signals for 1310-1550nm optical communication. 

Advantages of 10mW fiber optic detector:

● Non contact fiber optic detector assures clear use of device. The unique design of non contact 10mW fiber optic detect can maximum avoid pollution of head in operation. There is only a tiny part connected with detected fiber optic head in work, which is as efficient as usual connective fiber optic detector.
● Durable structure and perfect surface treatment. 10mW fiber optic detector adopts durable aircraft aluminum alloy body material and oxidation hard shell. It is anti-scratch, insulation, aunti-static in various operating occasions.

● Battery supported with stable performance. 2 pieces of AAA batteries supported 10mW fiber optic detector enables convenient operation and carrying. It is widely used in visual detection of fiber optic, cable, connectors. The fiber optic detector will leak red light on breakpoint and determine breakpoint location easily and rapidly.

Function of 10mW fiber optic detector:
Fault locations of fiber breakage, bending, fault check of OTDR dead zone;
End-to-end fiber identification, optimization of mechanical splices

Telecommunications, Broadcasting CATV project engineering and maintenance, integrated wiring construction and maintenance;
Optic device production and research, and other fiber project.

Technical parameters:

Model Fiber Optic Detector
Emitter LD
Wavelength 650±10nm
Output power 10mW
Transmission distance 10Km-12Km
Working mode CW & modulation
Modulation 1Hz,working cycle:60%
Connector 2.5mm universal connector
Power 2pcs AAA battery
Operating temperature -10ºC~+50ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC~+70ºC
Weight 120g
Length * Diameter (mm) 185mm*25mm
Working hours 30mw continuous work≥10h
Warranty Period One year

Please remove the battery, close fiber optic connector cover, and place the 10mW fiber optic detector in dry and ventilate place.
Please remove the battery when long time no operation in order to avoid battery rot.
Clean optic fiber connector regularly to keep clean.
Do not disassemble the device itself, or it affects warranty.

Package included:
1 x Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator
1 x Packing box

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