650nm red laser diode module is always recommended in current industrial processing working fields. Its design is focusing on providing users a highly accurate and precise red laser dot source, while still maintaining its most economic production cost. On basis of direct emission via its internal part of 650nm red laser diode, this advanced dot alignment tool is always efficient enough to generate a highly visible and bright red laser dot, which is always playing an important part in industrial dot alignment, medical treatment devices, military targeting, lab experiment and school education etc.

In all kinds of industrial dot alignment working fields, 650nm red laser diode module is always strictly required to make continuous red dot projection with high stability. As a result, in order to avoid possibility of short serving lifetime and laser dot break in continuous alignment work, the design has totally chosen the most advanced import 650nm red laser diode as its laser beam emitting source. Together with quality glass cylindrical lens, it is always efficient enough to get super high laser beam transmittance, thus obtaining the most compact size red alignment laser dot at all working distances.

Inside the tube of 650nm red laser diode module, it always adopts moderated electric driving circuit board. The intellectual feedback controlled PCB has just got superior advantages of high anti-inference, high stability, surge current blocking and slow start. Especially on condition that users are in need of make dot generation in quite harsh working environment, this superior electric driving circuit can make perfect protection of its connecting 650nm red laser diode, thus this advance 650nm red laser diode module always ensures especially high stability and long serving lifetime in 24 hours continuous dot projection.

When 650nm red laser diode module is being used on various industrial production devices, it is always a very important accessory part of laser marking machine, laser engraving machine etc. Whatever kind of industrial dot alignment and dot positioning working fields, it is always making great work to instruct workers to get super accurate dot positioning, thus finally ensuring high accuracy and high precision dot positioning efficiently.

This mature 650nm red laser diode applied laser diode module always allows wide choices of output power range of 5mW to 100mW. Whatever kind of industrial dot projection work, it is always efficient enough to generate a highly bright and clearly visible red alignment laser dot on targeting surface. According to very simple screw of laser module head part, this advanced 650nm red laser diode module can emit different size of red reference dot, after proper adjustment of laser dot targeting direction, users can always get the most satisfied dot alignment efficiently.