Collimated Laser Beam Expander

In need of clear alignment result at quite long work distance? Collimated laser beam expander condenses beam divergence angle to get magnification of laser beam output diameter, achieves even better collimation capacity and fulfills clear alignment at quite long work distance.

Employed by qualified import laser diode, high performance APC driving circuit board and glass coated lens, collimated laser beam expander can easily achieves high stability, strong anti inference and good coherence alignment result in long term use.

Applications: Collimated laser beam expander gets great use in those of prominent lab, institute and colleges etc. It is widely used for various industrial laser alignment tests, long distance pointing and location, laser sensing, laser caliper, interferometer, military equipment and devices, education and scientific research, laser sighting, laser medical equipment, stage light and demonstration, and laser light source etc.

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