Green laser line generator is an increasingly required line measuring tool. It makes the best utilization of most visible 532nm green laser as its laser beam emitting source, thus this advanced laser alignment tool is efficient enough to make the most accurate and precise alignment control.
The green laser line is instructing workers' requirement to make super accurate line generation on various processing materials such as precise machinery processing, metal sheets, stone, wooden board, textile garment, inner room decoration as well. The applications just require uniform line thickness, line straightness and super fineness. This selected green laser module has just the perfectly meet operators' requirement.

This laser module, operating at 532nm wavelength, making super nice green laser line generation result at 3 to 5 meters working distance. According to this working distance, green laser line generator is making the most perfect beam focus, thus projecting super fine, uniform, bright and visible enough green laser line positioning on targeting surfaces.
When 20mW green laser module with 110 degrees lens is built at 5 meters line generating distance, it can obtain clearly visible green laser line with 3.4mm line thickness. On condition of different laser line length and line thickness requirement, green laser line generator adopts special configured glass coated cylindrical lens including wide fan angles of 5°, 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 110°. According to proper selection of lens degree, operators can just obtain satisfied line positioning result efficiently. The different laser beam divergence can obtain the longest line length of maximum 6 meters.
This green laser module is merely used separately, but mostly used as accessory part of other measuring tools. Whatever vertical or horizontal line targeting surfaces, green laser line generator is make the most efficient green laser line instruction. It is just providing a uniform and straight the line the in alignment, machine vision system, construction and decoration, and process control etc.
This high brightness green line generating laser alignment tool is the most demanding industrial line measurement tool. Before requiring of high level of accuracy line generation, operators should make proper selection of required fan angle and output power, thus generating uniform intensity distribution using patterned line generating lens. In addition, green laser line generator adopts fix focus design, assuring the most precise line control on desired targeting surfaces.