Among all visible lasers, 532nm green line laser module is just making the most sensitive color green laser light in all kind of industrial alignment work. It makes the best use of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, thus this advanced green line measuring tool is able to generate extremely bright and visible green reference line at both close distance and long distance working occasions. Even though sometimes it is being used under sunlight, it is still efficient enough to generate highly bright and visible green alignment line efficiently.

At the very beginning of its design, the design of 532nm green line laser module has paid high attention to its industrial stabilization in all working occasions. It just adopts compact size design of 16mm diameter and 26mm diameter. The portable size design has just assured quite easy and convenient mounting and installation of this advanced laser line generator on any desired machine or devices. In practical line projection, it can be easily mounted on any vertical or horizontal working surfaces of all machineries.

This advanced alignment laser line measuring tool is merely used separately, but just using together with other machine or devices. For instance, in current machinery processing working fields, high brightness 532nm green line laser module is mostly used together with laser cutting machine, laser car wheel alignment, textile processing, screen printing, laser medical treatment devices, military targeting etc. The highly visible green reference line is always able to instruct workers to make super accurate and precise line cutting and line positioning result on all desired working surfaces efficiently.

The laser line targeting is always very fast, direct and accurate. During the whole process of industrial alignment, green line laser module is able to project a clearly visible and noncontact positioning line, thus making the most efficient green line laser instruction precisely. It just employs qualified glass cylindrical lens as its green line emitting source. Whatever kind of industrial line alignment work, green laser line source is always available with high laser beam transmittance. Especially on condition that users are making line generation at quite long working distance, the generating green line still maintains its high straightness and high uniformity. Even though high power green line laser module is applied at quite long working distance or under sunlight, the green line is still highly visible.

No matter 16mm diameter or 26mm diameter tube manufactured 532nm green line laser module users have chosen, users always have no worrying about its laser beam stability. Inside the laser tube, both low power and high power green laser line module always gets large space reserved as its metal heat sink cooling system. Together with thermal conductive aluminum housing, it is just ensuring the most efficient thermal emitting, thus finally get the best green line alignment successfully.