Red line laser alignment is workable on various industrial production devices. It is playing important part as accessory line for line positioning and cutting work. For consideration of accurate and precise line generation result, 650nm red laser line alignment adopts fixed focus design. At give distance, it can obtain the best alignment laser line result in use.

In various industrial laser alignment line generating work, red laser line is strictly required with high stability, reliability and high accuracy. For instance, it might be used to make accurate line instruction for raw material cutting, wood processing machinery, package machinery, stone cutting bridge, car wheel alignment, glass processing and precise machinery processing etc. All occasions would required high accuracy line cutting and positioning.

650nm red laser line generator adopts high quality import 650nm red laser diode. It is equipped with high performance APC, ACC driving electric circuit and glass coated cylindrical lens. According to 16mm diameter and 26mm diameter laser tube specially designed, this excellent quality line projecting laser alignment gets superior features as below:

High stability, high reliability
Strong ability of anti-interference
Good consistency and long serving lifetime

Red laser line projecting laser alignment tool is easy and convenient install and operate. It can be easily mounted on vertical or horizontal surfaces, providing a clearly visible red laser line. It provides a clearly visible and noncontact red reference line to instruct various industrial precise alignment and production.

This line targeting red laser alignment can improve working efficiency and bring convenience for industrial production greatly. Red laser line targeting direction can be freely adjusted until getting the best.

Compact structure red laser line generator adopts portable pen design. It emits high brightness red laser beam clearly. Before it is sending to user, it passes through 8 hours aging preventing test and rapid electric adding test. It makes the most stable and reliable red laser line generation in all places.

Dedicated DC input power supply:

It is feature by strong anti-interference, high stability, suppress the inrush current and soft start, especially suitable for harsh operating environments. This power supply can effectively guarantee stability of 650nm red laser diode and serving lifetime. It provides constant and stable power for red laser module with stable output voltage of 3V-3.6V.

Dedicated Laser Alignment Mounting Bracket

It gets featured superiority of good thermal conductivity and flexibility. It makes red laser line generator easily installed on vertical or horizontal surface. It also allows three dimensional space free tuning to achieve the best line alignment result.

Dot, line and cross generating laser alignment can be easily mounted on required work place. Mounting bracket adopts preventing rust black oxidation treatment. Users can make free adjustment of red laser line direction easily.