Red line laser is a type of rapid and accurate line alignment tool, which is widely used in various industrial machinery processing works. It shows superior laser advantages, according to proper equipment of output power and different degree laser lens, producing high straightness red laser line with different laser beam fan angle. Available with selectable wavelength of 635nm and 650nm, this direct diode emission red line laser is just efficient enough to get precise line alignment in various mechanical processing, stone cutting positioning, laser car wheel alignment, wooden processing, textile garment positioning and all industrial laser devices etc.

red line laser makes the best use of modern and advanced red laser diode tech. Combined with modern laser tech, accurate red line laser alignment cannot only get rapid line positioning, but also can greatly reduce loss caused by manual line drawing. This line laser module is very helpful to improve work efficiency in various industrial production works.

Within wide output power of 5mW to 100mW, red line laser is not able to work at various working environments, but also accepts customized made. It is a high standard laser device which has passed through ROHS, CE, FDA international safety and environmental approval, always making sure of safe and secured red laser line alignment in various harsh occasion efficiently.

Red line laser is an industrial class laser line positioning tool. Employed by import red laser diode and qualified glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, laser line alignment is workable in formal room working environment and quite longer work distance. Under the selection of larger laser lens degree, red laser line is as long as 6 meters with clearly beam visibility and good collimation.

After very simple connection with direct electric power source of DC input power supply, red line laser gets constant laser beam emission with high beam intensity. This laser line generator gets super high beam stability, easily installed within 0.5 meter to 3 meters, users can try to install this red line laser module on any industrial device. No matter vertical or horizontal working surface, red line laser just takes the lowest power and time consumption, easily achieving the most precise line alignment as expected.

Red line laser adopts qualified internal configuration, getting extremely low laser line bending strength as low as less than 1mm at 5 meters work distance from laser beam aperture to targeting surface. Red laser line thickness keeps as fine as 0.3mm at 10cm, only 3mm thickness at 10 meters work distance. This laser tech applied laser line module keeps the finest line positioning, which users only need choose correct laser lens degree and proper installation so as to get the best line alignment result precisely.