Among all visible lasers, 635nm red laser diode module is just a very special color laser beam emission dot measuring tool. It gets the same color red laser beam of 650nm red laser, however, its laser beam brightness is at least 5 times brighter in practical use. According to special laser beam transverse mode of TEM00, this advanced 635nm red laser module is always able to generate the highest level of accuracy and precision dot alignment and dot positioning for all occasions.

According to special laser beam transverse mode of TEM00, 635nm red laser diode module always projects the brightest color red laser dot on all desired working surfaces. Owing to its extremely long laser beam fan angle, it is just able to generate quite compact size red reference dot on all desired working surfaces. At the same time, red dot projection gets superior advantages of high brightness, high beam concentricity and high accuracy.

When users are making dot alignment in various working fields, it should have to be applied in various working occasions. As a result, it has to be workable with wide operation temperature. This high brightness 635nm red laser diode module selects the most durable aluminum housing material. According to three classes anodized treatment, it is able to make perfect laser tube protection of anti-statistic, mechanical shocking and calibration. The metal housing 635nm red laser module just gets quite efficient thermal stabilization, thus assuring wide operation temperature within -10 degree to 50 degree.

When 635nm red laser diode module is being used in various working environments, it might be used in different working places, different operating distance or installation height. As a result, the designer of this 635nm red laser module has just paid high attention to various working environment stabilization. Both red laser module and its external DC input power supply are being designed with certain length electric lines. Within the acceptable installation distance of 0.5meter to 3 meters, users can make quite easy adjustment of red alignment laser dot targeting places, direction, and height until getting the most satisfied dot projection as expected.

Within the acceptable dot targeting distance, users can always make quite easy and flexible installation of 635nm red laser diode module. In addition, during the operation of this advanced dot alignment tool, there is always no adding of patch board, thus greatly reduces production cost in the whole industrial dot alignment operation. This advanced red dot alignment tool adopts universal interference size of 5.5mm*2.1mm. It can be connected with majority of electric power source, thus always providing users the most economic, practical and environmental protective dot alignment and dot positioning in all industrial working fields.