NEW ARRIVALS - Laser Pointers, Industrial Alignment Lasers, Laser Modules and Lab/oem laser Solutions

  • Class II and IIIa Laser Pointers
    1mW and 5mW green laser pointers, red laser pointers, blue laser pointers, violet lasers and infrared laser pointers fulfill advanced presentation results for lab experiment, military targeting, joys and astronomy stargazing. All laser pointers are FDC and CE approval, and legal.
  • Industrial Alignment Lasers
    Genuine laser diode made laser alignment system gathers qualified glass cylindrical lens, providing bright laser dot, laser line and cross line on work surface. It is workable for precise machinery processing, textile screening and printing, medical and scientific, and car wheel alignment etc.
  • SM and MM Laser Diodes
    Gathering single mode laser diodes, multimode laser diodes, fiber coupled laser diodes with reliable quality and service. All laser diodes are workable for laser devices production, biomedical, military targeting, and scientific research etc.
  • Laser Modules
    Compact designed laser diode modules, laser line generator modules and cross line laser modules fulfill industrial laser source providing for various alignment, positioning and laser levels use. Accurate laser dot, laser line and cross hair guarantee.
  • Fiber Optic Detectors - end to end fiber optic tests
    Professional fiber optic testing tool available in pen and handheld red laser source, providing on time and accurate visual fault location of fiber bends, breaks, OTDR dead zone fiber fault etc. It makes great work for onsite fiber construction.
  • Laser Safety Goggles and Laser Safety Windows
    Both laser safety goggles and laser safety windows are providing perfect protection of human eyes a body from all powerful laser irritation. Just make sure of safe operation of all powerful laser pointers, laser modules, fiber optic detector, laser diodes, and make full use of lasers for your work.