Red laser module employs wide selection of wavelengths including 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, generating highly stable and intense enough red laser beam in distance. It adopts quite compact structure design with laser tube diameter of 12mm, 16mm and 26mm, providing very direct and practical dot, line and cross line alignment in various mechanical processing works efficiently. This red laser module is always being used as an accessory part, after very easy installation and adjustment of laser beam focus, forming into the best positioning result in all high tech work fields perfectly.

There is great technical innovation of red laser module. It gets quite similar structure as a red laser pointer, however, in order to get continuous red laser beam emission, it moderates its power supply with external DC input power supply. Within its wide output power range of 5mW to 100mW, red laser module is designed with different operating voltage of 3V and 4.2V so as to assure bright enough red laser light emission efficiently. The mature red laser diode tech has just overcome traditional problem of short serving lifetime and low laser light strength.

Employed by import red laser diode and moderate internal configured electric driving circuit board, red laser module gets superior advantages of high anti interference, high beam stability, slow start and surge current etc. Especially in harsh working environments, this perfect configured red laser module is still efficient enough to ensure good product stability and reliable serving lifetime of as long as 8000 hours.

Not the same as simple presentation used red laser pointer, red laser module is an industrial stabilized laser device. It is equipped qualified glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, getting extremely high laser beam transmittance ability in constant laser light emitting work. No longer limited by simple laser dot emission, this red laser module is also projecting highly visible red laser line and red cross hair laser beam in use. The more complex laser light emitting modes have made red laser modules greatly workable for industrial inspection, mechanical processing, textile garment processing and positioning, laser alignment for screen printing, and laser car wheel alignment and location etc.

When red laser module is manufactured with different output power, it is workable for various work distances and lighting occasions. For the most important of all, under condition that human hands or mechanical measuring tools cannot reach, this red laser module generates noncontact red laser light. After very simple adjustment of laser beam focus and laser emitting direction, it just gets the most satisfied measurement and alignment result efficiently.