Laser pointers are usually used as an eye-catching point in education, business presentation, and visual demonstrations.

Red laser pointer can be used in almost any indoor or low light situations, pointing out details by hand may be convenient.
Green laser pointer can be used for astronomy enthusiasts.
Green laser beam in moonless light, often can be seen clearly, accurately pointing out individual stars to others nearby. In addition, green laser pointer can be used by astronomers in astronomy lectures, which can direct a specific location of star or constellation accurately. Laser alignment is more easily by using eyepiece.
Tour guide
Laser pointer makes convenient and rapid targeting of tentacles difficult objectives. It can accurately indicate target.
Wide travelers and explorers
Laser pointers can be used in outdoor adventure, indicating distant targets and issuing distress signal to make travel more secure.
Construction sites and mining field
Laser pointers makes precise instructions for remote buildings, avoids approaching the danger zone, and commander kilometer away field easily.
Fire, rescue, help, and earthquake
Laser pointer is especially important in many emergency life-saving occasions.
Low level power laser pointers can add good entertainment atmosphere in bars, gatherings.
Industry lasers
Laser pointers can be used in industrial field. For instance, Construction Company may use high quality laser pointer in order to improve accuracy of specific distance from the display in large project.
Scientific research
Laser pointers can also be applicable in scientific research field, such as photonics, chemistry, physics, and medicine and so on.

Laser pointer hazards and Laser Safety

Laser pointer is harmful to human eyes. Never point lasers to human eyes directly, keep it away from child in order to avoid accidental injury. Please wear laser safety goggles while using a laser pointer indoor or close operation. Avoid direct eye stare at laser beams.

Do not continuous light laser pointer too long (especially green laser), in summer no more than 30 seconds. Please stop laser pointer immediately if laser pointer feels hot until completely cooled.

Green laser pointer may need to warm-up for some time in winter. It can be placed in a pocket to warm it up, put in battery, continuous light time is not more than one minute. It can prevent excessive aging of laser pointer or overheating to damage laser diode or laser module of laser pointers.

Laser pointers cannot be used in the zoo for free frightened animal.

Astronomy amateurs in the use of laser pointer for star pointing should not frequent and prolonged use of laser pointer, so as not to interfere with other people stargazing and photography.

Stop using laser pointer in crowed public places in order to avoid harming others.

High power laser pointers with significant thermal effects cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially for temperature sensitive solid state laser.