In advanced industrial line measuring works, line laser alignment is playing an important part for users to get accurate and precise line positioning in various industrial inspection and machinery processing work fields efficiently. The advanced laser diode tech applied laser line generator is widely used for mechanical processing, laser car wheel alignment, woodworking machinery, textile and garment positioning, industrial equipment, image processing system, line projectors, laser scanning device and laser medical equipment etc. Laser line aligning is just featured by low power consumption, low production cost, and high work efficiency.

Line laser alignment gets a bit more complex structure than laser pointer. Instead of simple light spot emitting, in front part of laser line module, it is equipped with glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, generating a highly straight and clearly visible laser reference line in distance. At the same time, with the available laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, line laser alignment tool is able to get various line length and line thickness in distance. The larger the selected laser lens degree, the longer the laser line will be. Formally, once larger laser lens degree of 100 degree glass cylindrical lens made laser line alignment is selected, the maximum line length can reach 6 meters at about 2 meters work distance.

From the very beginning design of line laser alignment, the best operating distance from laser beam aperture to work surface is 3 meters. Not the same as formal equipped plastic coated lens, Berlin lasers only chooses qualified glass lens or separate crystal lens made line laser so as to always assure good linear quality, high line straightness and good coherence laser line alignment efficiently.

Line laser alignment is design with focusable beam emitting. When laser line is pointed on working surface, both line length and line thickness are not changeable and adjustable. As a result, if users are not familiar with laser line alignment, it is necessary for users to make enough communication with laser tech engineer. Laser tech engineer will make calculation and test after getting general understanding of line length, line thickness and work distance so as to get correct recommendation of desired laser wavelength, laser lens degree and output power.

Whatever kind of industrial line alignment and line inspection work fields, line laser alignment can be properly installed, adjusted with correct laser line targeting direction. A high performance laser line allows 0.5 meter to 3 meters free installation height or distance. Users can try to install this laser line module on correct machine or devices, within less than one second, getting the most precise line positioning efficiently.