1310nm Single Mode Infrared Laser Diode

Product name: 1310nm, TO-18 package
Output Power: 20mW
Application: Solid-state Laser Pumping, Medical Usage, Target Designator,Free-space Optical Communication
Wavelength: 1310±5nm

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1310nm single mode infrared laser mode available in TO18 package and compact design, provides highly intense and stable IR laser source radiation in the industry. This CW mode 1310nm SM IR laser diode allows the most efficient and powerful infrared light emitting in all application fields.

Featured characteristics:
Single Mode 1310nm infrared laser diode
High power and high beam intensity IR laser radiation
Narrow line width of 1310±5nm
Low beam divergence and small light emitting aperture
Stable and reliable performance

Standard technical data (T=25℃) of 1310nm SM laser diode:

Specification Symbol 1310nm SM Laser Diode
CW Output Power P 20mW, 300mW
Peak Wavelength λp 1310±5nm
Threshold Current Ith ≤0.03A
Operating Current Iop ≤0.1A
Slope Efficiency η ≥0.15W/A
Operating Voltage Vop ≤1.8V
Horizontal Beam Divergence θ∥ ≤25 deg
Vertical Beam Divergence θ⊥ ≤38 deg
Spectrum FWHM   <0.3nm
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient   0.2nm/℃
Polarization   TE
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+85℃
Operating Temperature Tc -40~+40℃
Package   TO-5

TO-18 Package Draw of 1310nm single mode LD:

TO-18 Package 1310nm SM laser diode

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