200nm-540nm Laser Safety Glasses

200nm-540nm Laser Safety Glasses

190nm-540nm&800nm-2000nm Laser Safety Glasses

190nm-540nm&800nm-2000nm Laser Safety Glasses

190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm Laser Safety Glasses

Wide spectrum and continuous absorption 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm laser safety goggles provides the most efficient CE certified laser radiation protection from UV, 635nm and 650nm red lasers. This blue lens laser goggles protects eyes from peripheral laser radiation rapidly and perfectly.

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190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm laser safety goggles adopts durable hardened polycarbonate lenses and specific wavelength of light absorbing material, provides high efficiency protection from radiations of UV, 635nm and 650nm red lasers.

Featured characteristics of laser safety goggles:
●Durable polycarbonate lenses equipped with comfortable frame
● Safe protection from various peripheral laser radiations
● Rapid reaction to specific wavelength of the laser light
● Top and side shield protection
● Lenses scratches brings no affect to safety laser radiation protection and optical density of the lenses
● CE certified EN207 compliant

This blue lens laser safety goggles provide CE certified laser radiation protection from laser wavelength of 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm. There is no selection of light source, this series laser goggles is able to protect eyes from all peripheral laser radiation.

Blue Lens Laser safety glasses technical parameters:

190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm laser safety glasses

OD Specs
(ANSI Z136)

L-Rating Specs

(EN 207)
OD=5+ 266nm Quadrupled Nd: YAG laser
OD=4 632.8nm He-Ne laser
OD=4 694nm Ruby laser
OD=4 755nm Alexandrite laser

Caution with Lasers:

Do not look directly into the laser beam. Laser safety glasses provides eye protection from laser radiation, and prevent deviation and base diffuse of laser energy. The maximum time of laser pointing should be no more than 10 seconds.

● Keep the laser safety goggles stored in their protective case when not being used.
● Put the laser goggles in area where storage temperature not exceed 27℃.
● Discard while there is effect by damage, fade or scratches
● Clean with a 91% isopropyl alcohol and wide with a cotton swab.

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