210 Lumen LED Flashlight

210 Lumen LED Flashlight

510 Lumen LED Flashlight

510 Lumen LED Flashlight

260 Lumen LED Flashlight

260 Lumen LED Flashlight utilizes CREE XP-G R5 LED, emits the maximum brightness of up to 260 lumens, designed with six illumination patterns of highlight, bright, low light, SOS, bright and flash. Employed by effective optical system, this flashlight can meet your various environment of the light demand in outdoor sports, military defense, and field hunting for the best light assistant.

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260 LM LED flashlight equipped with six working patterns, allows a variety of occasions demands in illumination work. The maximum brightness of 260 lumens flashlight with multi function switch, touch can be accurately operated in all illumination occasions.

Energy effective flashlight of long lifespan. This 260 lumens flashlight operates on 2 pieces CR123A lithium ion battery, assures the longest endurance of 45 hours in continuous illumination. The multi illumination patters allows you to easily deal with different lighting requirement and provides the best lighting assistant.

Features of 260 lumens flashlight:

● Six kinds of working patterns: Highlight, bright, low light, SOS, bright, flash, are able to meet a variety of occasions demand;
● Multi function switch, touch can be accurate operation of all function
● Detachable type stainless steel clamp design, elegant appearance.
● Constant current driving circuit, aviation aluminum alloy material, surface using a standard three level hard oxidation.
● Waterproof performance: the IPX-8 waterproof design
● Roll, anti-skid, reverse connection prevention design.

Technical Parameters:

Name 260 Lumen LED Flashlight
Reflector Precise metal reflector
Drive circuit Digital constant current circuit
Mirror Double-sided coated glass lens
Body material aluminum alloy
Battery 2 ×CR123A lithium ion battery
Battery Endurance 45 hours

Low light: 15LM / 45H
Bright: 65LM / 10H
Highlight:130LM / 4.5H
SOS: 100LM / 5H
Bright: 260LM / 1.5H
Flash: 260LM / 2H
Shell processing Standard three level hard oxidation
Dimension 22mm x 21.5mm x 118mm long barrel
Heavy weight 55g (without battery)
Lifetime ≥5000 hours
Waterproof performance The IPX-8 waterproof design
Warranty Period One Year

Packing List: 1 260lm Flashlight, 1. Hand rope, 1 flashlight sleeve, 1 cap, 1 alternate O ring

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