5mW 515nm Diode Green laser pointer

5mW 515nm Diode Green laser pointer

515nm Direct Emission Green Laser Diode Module

515nm Green Laser Diode Module

5mW 515nm Diode Green Laser Pointer

Employed by the advanced 515nm green laser diode manufacturing technique, 5mW green laser pointer allows the brightest and most visible green light emitting directly from laser diode. This great revolutionary product opens the new area of laser display and laser TV at affordable price and stable performance.

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Uniquely designed by finished 515nm green laser diode, this low powered 5mW green diode laser pointer allows the most stable light pointing at lower or higher temperature reliably. It makes great revolutionary in inner designs, which allows great performance in various projection fields.

Features of 515nm green diode laser pointer:

Continuous optical output power. 5mW green diode laser pointer makes highly stable pointing in continuous wave featured by high modulation bandwidth.

Battery operated laser with stable performance. This alkaline battery powered green laser pointer emits highly concentrated visible light in darkness and high efficient radiation. The AAA battery provides sustained operation in more than 180 minutes in total.

● Wide applicable laser device in industrial fields. Employed by single transverse mode semiconductor laser, 515nm 5mW green laser pointer is widely used in metrology, laser shows, biomedical applications, laser projection etc. 

Technical Parameters:

Name 5mW Green Laser Pointer
Wavelength (nm) 515nm
Color Green
Safety Class IIIA
Output power (mW) 5mW
Transverse mode TEM
Range in darkness (m) 2000 meters
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence, full angle(mrad) <1.0
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm) <1.2
Spectral Line width(nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperature (℃) -10~+50
Expected Lifetime (hours) 8000
Size (D×L, mm) Φ13.2mm ×171mm
Cooling system Air
Operation Voltage (VDC) 3V
Power Supply 2 pcs AAA batteries
Warranty time Six Months

Packing List:

1 laser pointer, 1 black hard plastic box

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