5mW Blue Violet Laser Pointer 405nm

5mW Blue Violet Laser Pointer

5mW Blue Violet Laser Pointer

Available with the shortest wavelength of 405nm, the 5mW blue violet laser pointer with safety key produces blue violet laser light close to ultrablue violet part of the visible spectrum 405nm lasers. This unique characteristic of this 405nm blue violet laser contains the applications of fluorescent excitation, phosphorescent materials and formal education presentation etc.

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5mW blue violet laser pointer with safety key is featured by the shortest wavelength of 405nm among visible spectrums. Not as visible as green lasers, 405nm blue violet laser pointer projects the most seducing blue violet laser light, is featured by the most unique properties of fluorescent and phosphorescent excitation effects in various materials.

Featured laser for near-UV light source of field work. This low powered 5mW blue violet laser pointer can be a very useful education tool in classroom, lecture or conference. It is superior in near-UV light source required field work.

Class IIIa laser with high safety standard. This 5mW blue violet laser pointer totally complies with Class IIIa regulations. This aluminum material manufactured 405nm blue violet laser designed with safety key, acquires the most secured work and avoids possibilities of all kinds of unauthorized operation.

Technical Parameters:

Name Blue Violet Laser Pointer
Wavelength (nm) 405nm
Beam Colour blue violet
Laser Class IIIA
Transverse mode TE00
Range in darkness (m) 500-1800m
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence,full angle (mrad) <2.8
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) <2.5
Spectral Linewidth (nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperture(℃) -10~+50
Expected Lifetime (hours) 8000
Laser Head Dimensions(D×L, mm) Φ14mm * 171mm
Cooling System metal heatsink
Operating voltage(VDC) 2*AAA batteries
Warranty time Six months

Packing List: 1 blue violet laser pointer; 1 black hard plastic box

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