980nm Infrared Cross Projecting Laser Alignment

980nm Infrared Cross Projecting Laser Alignment

980nm Single Mode Infrared Laser Diode

980nm Single Mode Infrared Laser Diode

5mW 980nm infrared laser pointer

Available with invisible wavelength of 980nm, 5mW infrared laser pointer allows the most efficient infrared light source for modern medical therapy, surveillance, civilian intelligence, military targeting tracking, spectroscopy etc. Employed by the finished laser diode and inner temperature stabilization system, this 5mW 980nm infrared laser pointer provides the longest operation time and the most competitive infrared illumination solution with high quality, stability and reliability invisible IR laser beam in work.

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The 5mW 980nm infrared laser pointer provides the best solution for infrared light source required application fields. This new type infrared radiation source is featured by wide application, affordable price, long operation lifetime and durable structure.

Featured characteristics of 980nm IR laser:
● 980nm IR laser is featured by strong direction, good monochromaticity, good coherence, and high radiation intensity.
● Brass material manufactured laser with durable structure and fine inner thermal control design.
● Alkaline battery powered laser with extremely long endurance time of more than 180 minutes.
● Qualified laser diode ensures high stability, reliability infrared output power, and long operation life time of more than 8,000 hours.
● Limited six months warranty period as guaranteed.

Technical Parameters:

Name Infrared Laser Pointer
Wavelength 980nm
Output power 5mW
Laser class III
Transverse mode TE00
Range in darkness (m) 200-8000m
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <2.5
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) <2.8
Spectral Line width (nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperature(℃) -10~+50
Housing material Aluminum
Expected Lifetime (hours) 8000
Laser Head Dimensions (D×L, mm) Φ14mm×171mm
Cooling System Metal Heat Sink
Operating voltage (VDC) 2×AAA batteries
Warranty time Six Months

Packing list: 1. Infrared laser pointer; 2. black hard plastic box

Caution with 980nm IR laser:

The major concerns of IR laser are the risk and dangers associated with invisible laser beam. The invisible beam can cause serious eyes injury to organic of retina. Nobody will notice the damage caused by infrared laser without the end user realizing the damage effects.

980nm infrared laser pointer should be always operated by skilled operators equipped with infrared laser equipment. The associated laser safety goggles are always necessary for end users all the time. 

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