400nm-540nm laser safety window

400nm-540nm Laser Safety Window

800nm-1100nm Laser Safety Window

800nm-1100nm series laser safety window consists of high polymer and laser absorber. It is able to provide laser operator excellent protection from a wide selection of 808nm, 910nm, 940nm diode laser, 980nm IR laser, and 1064nm ND:YAG lasers. Available with the highest visible light transmission with multiple wavelength range, this advanced laser safety window can meet all laser safety requirement and laser viewing for industrial manufacturing, range finder, laser aligning, military, telecommunications, and medical treatment etc.

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800nm-1100nm laser safety window is mainly used for various laser view protection from those of IR diode lasers and other laser devices. Its security prosperities meet all requirement of the standard of EN207:1998+A1:2002. The maximum size is 1280 * 1000 * 5mm, enables free cutting services for customer size.

800nm-1100nm IR laser safety window makes use of light absorbing principle, not selective to light source, assuring perfect protection from 808nm to 1100nm IR laser radiations and strong lights.

Technical Data:
Protecting wavelength: 800nm-1100nm
Protecting laser series: 808nm, 910nm, 940nm Diode Lasers, 1064nm ND:YAG lasers
V.L.T(%): 68%
Optical Density: OD4+

1. Even laser safety window assembled, human eye cannot expose to strong light and powerful laser radiations directly
2. Laser safety window is made of polymer material, cannot soak scrub with organic solvents.
3. Valid for three years, replace the laser safety windows more than three years.
Berlinlasers provides free cutting of laser safety windows for customer size. The price is varying on basis of the required size of laser safety window.

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