830nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

830nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

915nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

915nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

852nm Multimode Infrared Laser Diode

Product name: 852nm, C-mount package
Laser Diode output power: 2000mW
Application: laser pointers, infrared laser source equipment, high precision measuring, laser module, diode laser equipment, medical instrument, aerospace applications
Wavelength: 852±5nm

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Unique designed C-mount package 852nm multimode laser diode provides the most intense and powerful infrared laser light source for high output power required industries. Designed with portable size, 852nm infrared laser diode allows the most convenient operation in all CW diode lasers efficiently.

Featured characteristics:
High output power 852nm multimode laser diode: 2000mWmW
High beam intensity laser radiation
Super narrow line width of only 852±5nm
Low beam divergence and small laser light emitting aperture
Reliable and stable performance

Standard technical parameters of 852nm multimode infrared laser diode:

Item Symbol MM LD-852-2000
CW Output Power P 2000mW
Peak Wavelength λp 852±5nm
Threshold Current Ith ≤0.4A
Operating Current Iop ≤2.0A
Slope Efficiency η ≥1.2W/A
Operating Voltage Vop ≤1.9V
Horizontal Beam Divergence θ∥ ≤8 deg
Vertical Beam Divergence θ⊥ ≤30 deg
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient   0.28nm/℃
Polarization   TE
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~80℃
Operating Temperature Tc -20~50℃
Package   C-Mount 

C-mount package 852nm MM(multimode) infrared laser diode draw:

C-mount package 852nm MM laser diode

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