Fiber Optic Cleaner

Fiber connector cleaner provides the most efficient and convenient cleaning solution for fiber optic connectors plugged in patch panels and hardware devices. Powered by Alkaline batteries, it can be used on PC and AC(angled) polished connector, male and female connector with both 1.25mm and 2.5mm versions.

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Fiber optic connector cleaner adopts AA battery operation, ensures an extremely long energy consumption of 50 hours. This high efficiency is specially designed for fiber optic connectors, which obtains high working efficiency of 80 rotates per second and constant controlled cleaning pressure from spring loaded tips to the cleaner material.

Technical Parameters:

Items details quantity
Fiber Optic Cleaner Fiber Cleaner 1
Clean materials 1.25mm 20
(consumable items) 2.5mm 30
Cleaner adapter 2.5-Male/Female 1
  1.25- Male/Female 1

High working efficiency: Cleaning the fiber with 240-400 times in 3-5 seconds, and taking 99% of blot off.
Clean almost all kinds of fiber optic terminations and connectors, including 2.5mm and 1.25mm, male and female connectors, and PC or APC connectors
Clean 95% of the terminations and connection space.
Consumable items (per cleaner material): Clean 20 pieces of seriously long time blot; 100 pieces of new dust.

Package:1 EVA box

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