Fiber Inspection Probe

Fiber inspection probe provides the most professional detection of dirty or damage of various optic fibers with high precision. Connected directly to the handheld 3.5 Inch TFT LCD screen monitor, this portable probe CCD video microscope allows inspection of all kinds of fiber optic terminations with 250X magnification.

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Fiber optic inspection probe are widely used in inspecting the quality of the terminations and diagnose problems of fiber optics. It provides the most convenient and efficient inspection result with clear and sharp images of termination dirt and damages available on handheld display. Equipped with various types of adapters, this fiber optic probe allows various applications with multi industrial connectors.

Features of fiber optic probe:
● 3.5-inch high-resolution display, face imaging showed a clear, transparent, non-interference, no flickering, viewing comfort.
● Handheld fiber optical inspection probe connected with 3.5 inches LCD monitor, forms clear, transparent, non-interference, no flickering and comport viewing of all kinds of fiber optic dirty or damage display with 250X magnification.
● One-way focusing function assures quick finding of optic terminations.
● Fast adjustment of brightness and contrast facilitates indoor and outdoor operations.
● Less than 1μm resolution achieves the most efficient full screen inspection without vignetting, no shadows.  
● Reliable signal output connection ensures long frequent operation without failure.
● Extremely large capacity 2400mah lithium-ion battery ensures continuous work of more than 8 hours.
● 2 large capacity 2400mah lithium-ion battery, continuous work more than eight hours.
● Visual tests of all kinds of fiber optic terminations, such as 2.5mm/1.25mm, male/female ends.
● Use USB adapter, via USB 2.0, to achieve clear and sharp images display on PC and data storage.

The most efficient solution for fiber optic dirty and damage:
● Quick troubleshoot of optical network faults
● Examinations of optical devices and optical equipment before storage
● Plant acceptance inspection of optical device production
● Researches and teaching of fiber optic areas
● Fiber communication maintenance

Technical parameters:

Name Fiber Inspection Probe
CCD specifications 1/3 inch, 5v
Field of vision of fiber end 0.35mm×0.25mm
Picture signal PAL , optional USB
Magnification /resolution ratio 250X   / 0.75μ (3.5 inch LCD)
Fiber display on the LCD Diameter 21.1mm
Lighting coaxial blue LED
Lifetime (h) 100 thousands hours
Probe focus adjustable Clockwise or anticlockwise, circulatory
Connection type for adapters conicalness connection
Power supply Built in Battery: 12V 6600mAh
DC input and charger 12V
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Operating humidity Maximum 90%
Dimension 168mm×48mm×31mm
Weight 500g
Warranty Period One year

Standard Accessories:

Standard Accessories Test Quantity
2.5-PC-M adapter Test SC, FC, ST, E2000: PC connector 1 PCS
FC-PC-F adapter Test FC male: PC connector 1 PCS
SC-PC-F adapter Test SC male: PC connector 1 PCS
LC-PC-F adapter Test LC male: PC connector 1 PCS

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories Test
FC-PC-F60(multi-angle or APC adapter)  60 angle: test FC female: PC connector
SC-PC-F60 60 angle: test SC female: PC connector
LC-PC-F60 60 angle: test LC female: PC connector
E2000-APC-F E2000 female:APC adapter
MPO-PC -F PC type MPO patch cord connector
MPO-APC-F APC type MPO patch cord connector
FC-APC-F FC female: APC connector
2.5-APC-M 2.5mm male APC connector
SC-APC-F SC female: APC connector
LC-APC-F LC female: APC connector
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