Safety Knowledge of Laser Pointers

Optical radiation hazards to human eyes

Laser is featured by strong direction, good monochromaticity and coherence, which allows highly concentrated energy in space and time. The laser devices are greatly applicable in military, industrial and medical fields. The featured characteristics of lasers constitute a great threat to human body. Human eyes are the most sensitive organs of the laser. The effect of eye focusing on light will bring increased energy density of more than 150 times to retina. Even low powered laser irradiation can cause severe damage to retina and corneal.

How to make effective laser protection has been major concern from the early time using of lasers.

Different laser wavelength injury to eyes:


Wavelength Division  Wavelength Range(nm) Primary damage part
UV Laser 180nm-400nm Cornea, lens
Visible Laser 400nm-700nm Retina, choroid
Near-infrared Laser 700nm-1400nm Retina, choroid, lens
Middle, Far-infrared Laser 1400-106 cornea

Main symptoms of laser damage incidents:

When laser light is irradiated to human eyes, there will be a sudden flash in front of eyes, then a different color and size of light spot or shadow. It will produce different degrees of declined vision. The severe hurt eyes will not be able to distinguish objects in short time, and some appeared head string and photophobia in a few hours.  

When the accident occurred, the majority of the wounded was a sudden flash in front, followed by the emergence of a different color, different size of the spot or shadow, a sense of individual human eye has an impact, at the same time, there are different degrees of decline in vision, severe short time cannot distinguish between the immediate objects, and some appeared a few hours after injury head string and photophobia.

Responsible laser owners should take FAA regulations into consideration while surrounding the use of laser pointers. It is no joking to use a laser pointer, but responsibility.

Safety tips of laser pointer operation:

Minors (under the age of 18) is not allowed to use a laser pointer without supervision. Furthermore, only adults who have made total understanding of laser risks and responsibility of laser safety operation are allowed to use laser pointers.

Never shine a laser pointer at human or animal eyes, moving vehicles and air craft. Every time of exposure can cause temporary damage retina of eyes. Laser reflection is also very dangerous.

All laser owners should be responsible to lasers in the palm of hands. Be cautious with all high powered lasers. Remember to wear laser safety goggles while holding a powerful handheld laser.

Do not purchase a laser pointer if it is not FDA safety standard approval. Always get a reliable laser from warranty period guaranteed supplier.