5mW APC Green Laser Pointer 532nm

5mW APC Green Laser Pointer

5mW Green Laser Pointer with Safety Key

5mW Green Laser Pointer with Safety Key

5mW Green Laser Pointer

5mW green laser pointer has never failed to emit the most visible green laser beam and project the brightest lights spot on targeted objects. This high visible 532nm green laser allows a highly visible green beam at least 1500 meters in darkness. It is always the best recommendation for presentation in education, lecture, and speeches, star pointing, astronomy research, bird spotting and pet toy etc.

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5mW green laser pointer has never failed in presentation of lecture, education, star pointing, and astronomy research etc. 532nm green laser emits at least 5 times more visible beam than traditional red laser, which allows you a full control of the most visible beam range of more than 1500 meters in darkness.

Featured characteristics of 5mW green laser pointer:

Elegant laser with perfect inner designs. The white shell 5mW green laser pointer is featured by high stability and reliability in continuous work. Employed by the best quality laser diode, crystal and durable aluminum body material, this green laser obtains the best performance in all kinds of presentation work.

High safety standard laser with long serving long. This is a totally FDA approval and high safety standard 5mW green laser pointer. This high stability laser permits an especially long lifetime of more than 8000 hours.

Easy operated green laser pen. This 5mW green laser pointer is operable by 2 pieces Alkaline batteries. It is easy to operate and performing perfect in various presentation work. It is always the best choice for astronomy funs and amateurs.

Technical Parameters:

Name 5mW Green Laser Pointer
Wavelength (nm) 532nm
Color Green
Safety Class IIIA
Output power (mW) 5mW
Transverse mode TEM
Range in darkness (m) 2000 meters
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence, full angle(mrad) <1.0
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm) <1.2
Spectral Line width(nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperature (℃) -10~+50
Expected Lifetime (hours) 8000
Size (D×L, mm) Φ13.2mm ×171mm
Cooling system Air
Operation Voltage (VDC) 3V
Power Supply 2 pcs AAA batteries
Warranty time Six Months

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1 laser pointer, 1 black hard plastic box

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