There is quite mature 532nm green DPSS laser tech, which is not only developed into a very simple green laser pointer. On basis of constant technical innovation by laser tech engineer, it is manufactured into advanced green alignment laser. It is not simply used as a temporary presentation, but mainly workable for providing users high accuracy green laser dot, line and cross laser source generation in various industrial mechanical processing works.

Green alignment laser makes the best use of import 532nm green DPSS laser tech, which is getting quite sensitive color laser light to human eyes. Within its wide output power range of 5mW to 100mW, this industrial stabilized laser alignment tool is just projecting the most easily absorbed green laser light to human eyes. Besides quite close distance aligning, once the selecting output power of green alignment laser is higher than 30mW, it is also workable for super accurate green dot, line or cross line positioning clearly and brightly.

The internal part of green alignment laser is equipped with glass cylindrical lens to emitting dot or cross line laser source. When it is in need to project green laser line in distance, this green laser module is just equipped with qualified glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens. Whatever kind of glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens, this green alignment laser is always efficient enough to keep super high laser beam transmittance and low laser beam divergence.

Whatever kind of raw material working surface, green laser dot, line or cross line always keeps extremely fine and compact size. Unless direct alignment under sunlight, this high brightness green alignment laser is just making great work under all high lighting efficiently. According to exact work distance and operating environment, green laser alignment should be properly selected with correct output power so as to assure the brightest aligning and positioning result as expected.

When users are trying to operate green alignment laser in quite harsh working environment, it not only adopts quite durable anodized aluminum alloy housing and thermal emitting internal laser diode, it also pays special attention to its industrial stabilization. The employment of APC, ACC electric driving circuit board just assures constant output power and electric power source for its internal part of laser diode. In 24 hours constant dot, line and cross line alignment works, this industrial alignment laser just keeps super stable aligning, getting the best positioning performance in all high tech work fields efficiently.