When users are getting selection of cross laser alignment from Berlinlasers.com, it will bring users quite wonderful experience in clear and accruate two prependicular line positioning works efficiently. The adoption of cross line beam emitting from glass cylindrical lens gets wide laser lens degree of 10, 16 and 110 degree, generating differnt size vertical and horizontal lines with accurate 90 degree.

This cross laser alignment is not only getting much more complex structrue than formal dot or line projecting laser devices, but also getting totally different applications in high tech work fields. For instance, cross line laser targeting is widely used in laser alignment for screen printing, military targeting, laser medical treatment, image processing system etc.

Once cross laser alignment is used for garment and textile positioning work, it can be easily installed on heat transfer machine, embroidery machine, and screen printing system etc. On basis of highly stright and clearly visible cross line instruction, garment makers can make free design and adjustment of garment pattern before final garments are finished. The compact structure made cross laser alignment is an indispensible part for improving work efficiency, saving lab strength, and workable for garment mass production etc.

Inside the tube of cross laser alignment, it is equipped with qualified glass cylindrical lens. It gets superior advantage of high beam intensity and high laser beam transmittance ability, no apperance of laser beam dim or blur. Even though cross line positioning is processed very longer, however, users just need to choose proper output power and glass lens degree so as to get ideal cross laser alignment as expected.

The operation of cross laser alignment uses external DC input power supply and internal constant current electric driving circuit board. In constant cross line aligning work, it gets intelligent feedback systmem control of power supply. In 24 hours continuous cross line aligning work, this cross laser alignment always keeps highly stable and reliable performance, workable within wide operating temperature efficiently.