Among all visible laser spectrums from violet color to red color laser devices, green color laser device is always getting the most sensitive color green laser beam emission to human eyes. In industrial line measuring and line alignment, green line laser is available with selectable wavelengths of 515nm, 520nm and 532nm. The easily absorbed green laser light is just assuring users the most visible and the brightest green laser line positioning result efficiently. For the most important of all, once users are selecting super high output power up 50mW to 100mW, this advanced laser line module is also generating superior precise and clear line alignment under all high lighting and long distance.

The operation of green line laser allows very easy installation on all industrial machine or device. For instance, laser line alignment is workable for accurate and clear line positioning in laser cutting, wooden board processing, image processing system, textile and garment positioning and alignment, laser car wheel alignment etc. Usually green laser line keeps extremely high linear quality, keeping its high straightness and fineness at extremely long work distance.

No matter direct diode emission or green DPSS laser made green line laser, it is always efficient enough to project super bright and visible green laser beam, forming into a super fine reference line in distance. Under sunlight working occasion, any laser is not visible to human eyes. As a result, the operation of green line laser should never be operated under sunlight directly, but it is workable under high lighting clearly and accurately.

Green line laser is getting wide output power range of 5mW to 100mW. However, it is still very important for users to choose correct output power and pay special attention to working environment. When the operating temperature is much lower than room temperature, the tube of green line laser should be preheated about 30 seconds, and then at least 10 seconds cooling down.

For the most important of all, green line laser adopts intelligent feedback system. No matter what kind of output power, laser line module tube temperature increases seriously. This advanced system keeps constant electric current providing for its internal part of laser diode and driving circuit. There is never appearance of laser tube burning out or damage. Even green line laser is being used under harsh working environment, it is still efficient enough to keep super stable performance and workable within quite wide range temperature.