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600nm-700nm Laser Safety Goggles

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190nm-490nm Laser Safety Goggles

Berlinlasers 190nm-490nm laser safety goggles gets orange color lens with high duration and hardened polycarbonate, getting excellent eye protection from powerful blue violet laser and blue laser radiations and powerful laser reflections from its absorber. This CE certificated laser safety glasses gets high optic density of O.D.4+, workable for wide range output power with laser safety classes of Class 3R, Class 3B, and Class 4.

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Berlinlasers 190nm-490nm laser safety goggles gets orange color lens which meets all demand of the standard of EN207:1998 + A1:2002. It is the most price competitive eye protection method for all blue violet laser system and blue laser systems.

Featured the characteristics of 190nm-490nm laser safety goggles:
● Durable and absorptive lens with high hardness polycarbonate material, and comfortable frame
● Safe protection from various peripheral laser radiations of 405nm blue laser, 445nm and 473nm blue laser systems
● Rapid reaction to specific wavelength of the laser light with wide laser safety classes
● Top and side shield protection
● Lenses scratches brings no affect to safety laser radiation protection and optical density of the lenses
● CE certified EN207 compliant

Caution with blue violet and blue laser systems:
Do not look directly into the laser beam. Laser safety goggles provides eye protection from laser radiation, and prevent deviation and base diffuse of laser energy. The maximum time of laser pointing should be no more than 10 seconds.

● Keep the laser safety goggles stored in their protective case when not being used.
● Put the laser goggles in area where storage temperature not exceed 27℃.
● Discard while there is effect by damage, fade or scratches
● Clean with a 91% isopropyl alcohol and wide with a cotton swab.

190nm-490nm laser safety goggles is marked "190-490nm O.D 4+" on filter, mainly workable for industry, medicine, research, education, lab experiment and military works etc.

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