515nm Direct Emission Green Laser Diode Module

515nm Green Laser Diode Module

Uniform Distribution 515nm green laser line generator

Uniform 515nm Green Laser Line Generator

515nm Green Laser Line Generator

Formal type 515nm green laser line generator uses high quality standard 515nm green laser diode and glass cylindrical lens, generating the brightest and the most stable green line laser source. This 515nm green laser diode direction emission line laser module makes great works for various industrial alignment and positioning for military targeting, medical treatment, scientific researches applications etc.

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Focusable 515nm green laser line generator employs highly brightest green laser line alignment for those of industrial laser line source required fields. The gaussian distribution of green line laser module fulfills much more economic laser line targeting for tasks of high level of accuracy and precise line required use. 

◆Compacted designed green laser line generator enables multiple line alignment and positioning.
Employed by compact design of 16mm and 26mm diameter laser tube, 515nm green line laser alignment allows easy and convenient installation, operation of line measurement, even hard reaching places. 

◆ Extremely stable and bright forest green line laser generation onto work surface
Laser line generator makes direct green line projection directly from 515nm green laser diode. It gets even more stable line alignment and line positioning than 532nm green DPSS laser in continuous line use. 

◆ Durable and anodized aluminum structure line laser module workable for wide operation temperatures.
515nm laser line generator get stable line projecting performance, is workable under wide temperature of -10 degree until 50 degree. Line laser module gets superiority of anti statistic, anti interference, protection from mechanical shock and calibration. Green laser line keeps stable and reliable in continuous use. 

Key features: 

Direct 515nm green laser diode line projection with high stability and reliability
Wide output power range: 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 30mW, 50mW
Wide laser fan angle: 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 110°
Internal metal heat sink and metal laser tube gets efficient thermal emitting of laser diode module in continuous line projection
stable and reliable performance, and up 8,000 hours serving lifetime.

Technical parameters:

Item Green Laser Line Generator
Wavelength (nm) 515nm
Output power (mW) 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 30mW, 50mW
Available Fan Angle(degrees) 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 110°
Laser Class IIIa, IIIB
Beam thickness at aperture (mm) <2.8mm; At 2m distance: <2.0mm
Beam divergence (mrad) <4
Beam mode (before optics) TEM00
Focus adjustable? No
Operating voltage(v)  5mW-10mW:DC=3.0V; 20mW-50mW:DC=8.4V
Operating current (mA)  5mW-20mW: I<500mA; 30mW-50mW: I<1000mA
Operating temperature(℃) 15℃~30℃
Storage temperature(℃) -10℃~50℃
Dimension  5mW-10mW: D16mm×L71mm;20mW-50mW: D26mm×L150mm
Expected lifetime (hours) 8000 hours
Warranty Period 180 days

Only trained people are allowed to operate formal Gaussian 515nm green laser line generator. People should adjust the green laser line to the best condition and operate under special alignment equipment.

Warning! Laser line generator emits radiation that can be harmful to human eyes. Never look directly into the laser aperture. Any exposure to laser beam at close distance can cause eye damage.

Power Supply:

Input: AC 100-240V, 1.0A , 50/60Hz
Output: DC 3V ,500mA
Dimension: 70mm×46mm×27mm
Length of AC input line: 116cm
Length of DC output line: 126cm 

Packing List:
1. Green laser line generator
2. DC input power Supply

Attention: For high powered or OEM green laser line generators, please contact us free at support@berlinlasers.com.

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