635nm Red Parallel Line Laser Alignment

635nm Red Parallel Line Laser Alignment

635nm Separate Crystal Lens Red Laser Line Generator

635nm Separate Crystal Lens Red Laser Line Generator

635nm Glass Lens Red Laser Line Generator

635nm glass lens red laser line generator gets the best use of qualified import 635nm red laser diode and qualified optic lens, generating high linear quality and high fineness red laser line for formal industrial line use and other high tech line alignment use. Within wide range glass lens degree of 10 degree to 110 degree, 635nm red laser module gets different laser beam fan angle, and obtains various line length of 0.5 meter to 6 meters. Free selection of output power and optic lens degree help a lot for users to achieve high precise line alignment in multiple work fields.

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635nm red laser line generator gets direct red laser beam and laser line source directly from 635nm red laser diode, making sure of high purity and high brightness laser line alignment in all industrial line alignment work. This red laser module employs high duration aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material and copper material as its 635nm red laser diode core part, the real laser line alignment work bears multiple working environment and wide operating temperature. 

◆ DC input power supply assures continuous and stable line alignment under multiple occasions. 

Supported by 3V or 4.2V DC input power supply, red laser line generator gets stable and bright red laser line targeting, keeping reliable line alignment performance under harsh occasion including strong interference, strong static and others. 

◆ High purity and high fineness red line source emission from qualified glass coated lens. 

635nm red laser module keeps high laser light photoelectric ability up 80%, keeping clear red line targeting and high linear quality in long term line targeting work. No worrying about laser light dim or decay within daily 8 hours to 10 hours continuous work. 

◆ Wide output power range assures clear line alignment in multiple working occasions. 

Red line laser device gets direct light emission from 635nm red laser diode within 5mW to 100mW, keeping clear line alignment within multiple lighting and distances accept direct sunlight use. 

◆ Strictly tested laser line generator gets no decay line emitting.  

A series of rapid electric adding test, up 24 hours aging preventing test and low and high temperature changing test assure the most reliable red line alignment performing under multiple working environment, including strong mechanical shocking, calibration or others. 

Key features: 

Immediate laser line alignment after red laser line generator gets proper connect with DC input power supply
Electric wires connecting both red laser module and DC power supply, keeping free installation and adjustment of laser line within 0.5 meter to 3 meters.
Wide output power range from 5mW to 100mW keeps clear and rapid line alignment, decreasing relying on manual labor force and professional skills
Wide laser fan angle from 10 degree to 110 degree, fulfill clear line alignment for laser cutting, image processing system, sand mill, laser car wheel alignment and textile garment processing etc
APC driving circuit assures constant and reliable red laser line alignment for long term use

Technical Parameter:

Item Red Laser Line Generator
Wavelength (nm) 635nm
Output power (mW) 5mW-100mW
Available Fan Angle (degree) 10°- 110°
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) <2.0mm; 2m diameter: <2.0mm
Beam divergence (mrad) 5 mrad
Beam mode TE
Focus adjustable? Yes
Operating voltage(v)  5mW-20mW:DC=3.0V; 30mW-100mW:DC=4.2V
Operating current (mA)  5mW-20mW: I<500mA; 30mW-100mW: I<1000mA
Operating temperature(℃) 15℃~30℃
Storage temperature(℃) -10℃~50℃
Dimension  5mW-20mW: D16mm×L71mm;30mW-100mW: D26mm×L150mm
Expected lifetime (hours) ≥5000 hours
Warranty 6 months


Only trained users or skilled users are able to operate high purity light emitting tool of 635nm glass lens red laser line generator. People should adjust 635nm red laser module to the best condition and operate under special alignment equipment.

Warning! Laser module emits radiation that can be harmful to human eyes. Never look directly into the laser aperture. Any exposure to laser beam at close distance can cause eye damage. Remember to wear laser safety goggles for any laser module up 30mW to 100mW.

Power Supply:

Input: AC 100-240V, 1.0A , 50/60Hz
Output: DC 3V ,500mA
Dimension: 70mm×46mm×27mm
Length of AC input line: 116cm
Length of DC output line: 126cm 

Packing List:
1. 635nm Red laser line generator
2. DC input power Supply

Attention: For high powered or OEM 635nm glass lens red laser line generators, please contact us free at support@berlinlasers.com.

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